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Envestia is a small, highly-skilled specialist consultancy, established in 2007, offering regulatory and clinical development support to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

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Steve Pinder:

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Wondering who we are and what we offer?

Since the company was founded in 2007, Envestia has worked with more than 70 clients. These include not only pharmaceutical and medical device companies but also CROs, universities, and public bodies. Our repeat business rate consistently exceeds 70%.

Our focus is international and we work with companies from Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA as well as a wide range of European countries. We are happy to denominate contracts in sterling, euros or dollars.

We have a very particular set of skills

Ian Dews, MRCP, FFPM

Ian is a physician whose career began in paediatrics and general practice

Steve Pinder, PhD, MTOPRA

He is a regular trainer on clinical development topics for TOPRA

The Team

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